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Rapid sleeping of babies is a problem of many parents. Baby Sleep Sounds application will help your baby fall asleep, generating monotonous, cyclic sounds such as white noise, vacuum cleaner sound, hair dryer sound, etc. Infants love these sounds because they resemble the sounds they hearing in the womb. Therefore, this type of lullaby is most commonly used by parents to sleeping babies and toddlers.

Playing at sleep time sounds like wind noise, rain noise or the sounds of nature drowning out the surrounding sounds, allowing your baby to fall into a peaceful and deep sleep.

can be run in the background while reading books or browsing web pages. The built-in timer automatically turns off the sound after a preset time.

The application does not require an Internet connection, so you can use it anywhere and anytime without worrying about data transfer.

The application contains the following sounds:

✔ Washing machine,

✔ Hair dryer,

✔ Vacuum cleaner,

✔ Laundry dryer,

✔ Rain,

✔ Ocean waves,

✔ The sound of the plane,

✔ Heartbeat,

✔ The noise of the car.

Application features:

✔ High sound quality,

✔ Infinite playback,

✔ Works in background,

✔ Timer with soft fade out,

✔ Works offline,

✔ Free app.

Sounds to sleep can be used by adults suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders as white noise or brown noise.

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